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As a trainer, I base all my training on the fundamentals of mutual respect between horse and owner. It is important for both to understand each other to make a lasting relationship.

All of my training programs are started with a strong foundation of ground work, teaching excellent behavior mannerisms, and a clear understanding of communication between horse and trainer/owner.

I believe that all horses need a good honest start with an understanding that all training programs should be flexible to what each horse individually needs to learn according to their personality. Do what is best for your horse so your horse can give you their best!

Farm Call Training:

One hour session $75; 2 hour session $150; Farm call fee for farms more than 15 miles away

Have your trainer come right to you and work with you and your horse on any of your training needs!

In Facility Training:

Colt Starting (per 2 week) - $550
Fundamentals & Foundation Training ( per two week) - $450

Advanced Training & Cues (per 2 weeks)- $600
Behavioral Problems (per 2 weeks)- $600

Trick Training (per week)- $175


Training Sessions at Windy Way:

* Colt Starting

* Liberty Training

* Basics Under Saddle

* Refinement Under Saddle

* Versatility & Obstacle Training

* Bridle-less Riding

* Trick Training

* Barrel Racing/Polebending

* Communication Improvement

All clients are given a customized training plan for each training prior to booking a training spot.

ALL horses coming to WW for training are required to be current on vaccinations and have a current negative coggins present.

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