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Windy Way Riding Lessons   are designed to help the rider understand the principles of riding a horse: safely for both horse  and rider in order to establish a trust relationship to overcome any obstacles and tasks at hand!  The rider must learn the fundamentals of riding with a balanced seat, a soft hand, and a willing attitude!  There is no age limit or ability limitation to keep you from riding and working with horses!  Horses have a great way to HELP YOUR CONFIDENCE, PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY!

What are the options:

Little-Tike Lessons: $30

Group Lessons: $40 per lesson 
Semi- Private Lessons: $50 per lesson
Private Lessons: $60 per lesson


Youth Rider Group Lessons

Youth Rider Group Lessons are a monthly lesson option and purchased by the month.
Groups are made up of 3 to 5 students with group instruction.  
No experience is needed - age range  3 years up to 18 years of age.  
Group Lessons are pre-scheduled on Monday through Thursday evenings!
Group Lessons are one hour long sessions consisting of learning how to brush, tack, prep and ride the horse or pony for 30-40 minutes, untack and brush down to finish.  All of our riders learn start-to-finish how to ride a horse!
All riders will learn the fundamentals of western riding discipline with safety and balance being core components.
They will learn beginner up to advanced riding skills.


Youth Rider Private Lessons

Youth Rider Private lessons are one on one riding instruction with an instructor or assistant instructor.  The rider will learn the fundamentals of riding in a start to finish riding lesson of western discipline.  The rider will brush, tack, ride the pony or horse for 30-40 min, untack and brush down the horse or pony (one hour full session).  They will have a personally catered lesson plan depending on their needs as a rider.  There is no age limit or experience level needed to begin.  These lessons are not pre-scheduled so they can be made by appointment as many or as little as you would like!


Adult Riding Lessons

Adult riding lessons can be scheduled by appointment for private lessons (prices are listed above).
There is no age limit or experience level needed.

Riders are welcome to bring their own horses or use Windy Way horses for the lessons.

Riders will learn how to safely ride with a good balanced seat and proper riding equitation.  The key in each exercise will be to build the rider's confidence and help them learn how to for a team-work riding ability with their equine partner.  Specific instruction can be focused on obstacle challenge, western dressage principles, basic western riding, safe trail riding skills, western equitation, and specific rider problem areas!

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